Traffic alert: Highway 99 closure north of downtown this morning

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One more reminder in case you’re heading north this morning: Highway 99 is scheduled to be closed both ways from the Battery Street Tunnel to N. 47th for the Hot Chocolate 15K/5K, 6 am-11 am.

Traffic alert: If you are heading to the Eastside this weekend …

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Even with our every-weekday-morning traffic watches, we somehow managed to miss the alerts about this weekend’s eastbound I-90 closure – explained by WSDOT here:

The resulting backup/slow going from the eastbound bridge to northbound I-5 to (and on) eastbound I-90 caught us by surprise as we headed out to Bellevue to cover the Seattle Lutheran HS boys’ basketball postseason game. All vehicles are routed onto the express lanes, and that added 15+ minutes until the logjam broke just past the Mount Baker Tunnel. So in short: Eastbound I-90 is not completely closed, but it’s constricted for the weekend, and you’ll want to allow extra time.

P.S. And remember one more alert we HAVE shared a few times – 6-11 am Sunday, Highway 99 is closed at the Battery Street Tunnel and northward because of the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K

West Seattle/White Center traffic alert: 15th/Roxbury work next week

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Followup on a traffic alert mentioned in our daily transportation watch: It started with a tip from Erika, after a sign went up on Roxbury warning of lane closures all next week, and led us to both the city and county transportation departments to get details. We finally have the full explanation from KCDOT: 200 feet of underground fiber-optic installation starting next Monday “will require the closure of one southbound through lane on 15th Avenue SW north of Roxbury and a northbound left turn lane on 15th Avenue SW at Roxbury. Work is planned 9 am to 3 pm weekdays March 2 through March 6.” That’s in addition to other installation work in White Center that’s not likely to affect traffic that much; those details are on our partner site White Center Now.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates & weekend reminders

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(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning; watch for major puddles this morning after the all-night rainfall. Looking ahead to the weekend and beyond:


SUNDAY MORNING 99 CLOSURE: Just north of downtown, for the Hot Chocolate 5K/15Kdetails here.

Road work reminders, continuing/starting next week:

DELRIDGE/ORCHARD: The utility work on the east side of the intersection will bring traffic to a full stop for intervals, Seattle Public Utilities announced in an update yesterday.

DELRIDGE/ANDOVER: Monday is the newest start date for this work to boost safety at the north end of Delridge.

LANE CLOSURE ON ROXBURY EAST OF 16TH: Thanks to Erika for spotting the sign warning of a lane closure on Roxbury next Monday-Friday. By day’s end yesterday, we had heard back from SDOT, saying it’s a county permit issued for a fiber contractor, and we’re still tracking details of which lane(s) and when.

7:41 AM: Traffic alert for an aid call at 24th/Thistle, near Chief Sealth International High School. One SFD engine. No details so far.

7:57 AM: That call has closed. No current trouble spots around our area.

8:11 AM: And that has changed – thanks to the person who just called (thank you! 206-293-6302 any time, text or voice) to report a car stalled in the bus lane on Avalon Way.

West Seattle traffic alert: Delridge/Orchard work intensifies

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Update this morning on traffic effects of the Seattle Public Utilities project at Delridge/Orchard – the next two weeks will see some road closures in addition to ongoing lane closures:

Seattle Public Utilities is continuing sewer improvements along SW Orchard Street between Delridge Way SW and Dumar Way SW. Excavation and installation work is underway and will take several months to complete. Work will occur from 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on Saturday east of the intersection of Delridge Way SW and SW Orchard Street.

The work will require the closure of the westbound lane on SW Orchard Street (east of Delridge Way SW). The lane will remain closed Monday through Sunday, 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. through the end of April, and will be opened to traffic after non-work hours. During the closure, all westbound traffic will be diverted to the eastbound lane with the assistance of a traffic flagger.

Starting February 26th, and continuing for two weeks, SW Orchard Street between Delridge Way SW and Dumar Way SW will be fully closed to traffic intermittently for 15 minute intervals during work hours to allow for delivery of materials.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday updates/alerts

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(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Heading into the heart of the morning commute, no problems reported on West Seattle roads or the major outbound paths.

ROAD WORK: We don’t have a report from the area so far today but Don Brubeck reports work was under way Wednesday on East Marginal Way S, south of Spokane St., “to widen the street to make a short stretch of bike path through the narrow area under the Spokane St Viaduct ramps. Another step in SDOT’s interim traffic safety improvements for East Marginal Way S. Good for people riding bikes from south of Spokane St, and for people on bikes taking the left at the light at Spokane from the WS Bridge trail, where there is now a push button for the light.”

TALKING TRANSIT TONIGHT: West Seattle Transportation Coalition‘s monthly meeting is at 6:30 pm, Neighborhood House’s High Point Center (6400 Sylvan Way), with SDOT’s new Transit Division head Paulo Nunes-Ueno.

8:06 AM NOTE: Just took a spin around the “live video” views via the city map (dropdown on the lower right, West Seattle and Greater Duwamish views). Things look to be moving well except for the usual chokepoints (exit lane to 99, exit lane to northbound I-5).

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Wednesday updates/alerts

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(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
6:40 AM: So far, nothing out of the ordinary on the routes through/from West Seattle.

7:59 AM: In the comments – some slowdowns on two Delridge spots this past half-hour. At Orchard, it’s the ongoing Seattle Public Utilities work.

ADDED 8:32 AM – TRANSPORTATION NEWS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED: Three links from Tuesday – the dates are set for the next meetings on how 35th SW might be changed to be made safer; what SDOT’s director Scott Kubly told the City Council Transportation Committee about that and other projects of West Seattle interest; if you cross the bay by water, check out the brand-new Water Taxi Watch.

Traffic alert: 2-week lane closure ahead at Fauntleroy terminal

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Heads up for Fauntleroy ferry-terminal users and people who drive/ride/walk in the area: The wrapping-up-soon Barton Pump Station Upgrade Project just north of the terminal will close the north lane at the terminal for two weeks around the clock, starting next Monday (March 2nd). It’s “to enable construction on a retaining wall,” says Annie Kolb-Nelson from King County, adding: “Flaggers will be onsite during busy commute times to guide traffic.” P.S. Full details are on the newest flyer.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday updates; Admiral Way paving

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(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning. No trouble spots in our vicinity so far. One big road-work reminder:

ADMIRAL WAY PAVING: SDOT will be working between Olga and 34th, starting around 7 am, just south of Admiral Way Viewpoint. They’re hoping to finish the work in just one day, according to the update we published Monday, and expect to keep one lane open each way.

Looking further ahead:

HIGHWAY 99 CLOSURE ON SUNDAY MORNING: One more thing to add to the lookahead list we included here yesterday – the Hot Chocolate 5K/15K will close part of Highway 99 just north of downtown for a few hours on Sunday morning. Details are in this update from SDOT.

7:11 AM: Checking travel times from the city map – these are from the Admiral Way hill:

SR-99 Offramp 4 min.
1st Ave Offramp 5 min.
4th Ave Offramp 6 min.
I-5 NB/SB 6 min.
Stadiums via 1st Ave 8 min.
Stadiums via 4th Ave 10 min.
South Lake Union 14 min
Lower Queen Anne 16 min.
Green Lake via SR-99 21 min.
Ballard 22 min.
Shoreline via SR-99 27 min.

West Seattle traffic-alert update: Dump truck & spilled dirt cleared after blocking eastbound ramp from Harbor/Avalon for 3 hours

February 23, 2015 at 3:32 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | 14 Comments

3:32 PM: Thanks to the texter (2062936302 any time!) who sent this photo of a dump-truck problem where Harbor Avenue meets the bridge. They note – as the photo shows – that vehicles are “squeezing by” to the right of the spill; we haven’t heard an emergency dispatch on this yet, but if you’re headed that way, be forewarned. And just as we finish typing this, we’re getting a Metro alert that RapidRide C Line and Route 21 are rerouted off Avalon because of this.

4:34 PM: Metro says the reroutes are still in effect. We’re going to go see how cleanup is going.

5:10 PM: Avoid Avalon northbound for a while longer. Truck has been righted, dirt is being scooped up, but the Avalon/Harbor onramp toward the eastbound bridge remains blocked and traffic is backing up intermittently. The outbound buses are detouring onto Yancy.

6:46 PM: Metro has just texted that the 21 and C Line are back on their regular routes, indicating the ramp has reopened after 3+ hours. This isn’t the first truck to get in trouble at this spot – we found a few other incidents in the archives, like this one.

Followup: Admiral Way paving project might only take one day

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Update from SDOT on this week’s Admiral Way paving work (reported here Friday thanks to a neighbor tip): We asked SDOT spokesperson Marybeth Turner about the plan; her reply: “SDOT paving crews plan to work tomorrow on Admiral Way between 34th Avenue SW and SW Olga Street from 7 am to 7 pm. They will repair areas of the street where pavement is deteriorating. At least one lane in each direction will remain open. They hope to complete the work in one day.”

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Monday updates & the week ahead

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(Four WS-relevant views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning! As we keep watch on the morning commute (and beyond), transportation notes:

SOUTH PARK BRIDGE STATUS: After a malfunction put the bridge off-limits to surface traffic for most of Saturday, county road crews managed to get it back in service again, and are now awaiting parts for permanent repairs. You can check here any time to be sure it’s operational before you head that way. (Here’s a traffic cam, too.)

ADMIRAL WAY PAVING TUESDAY-WEDNESDAY: SDOT work on Admiral between 34th and Olga, as mentioned here Friday night after a tip from Mike.

WEST SEATTLE TRANSPORTATION COALITION ON THURSDAY: The WSTC’s monthly meeting is 6:30 pm Thursday at Neighborhood House’s High Point Center. The agenda features a guest: Paulo Nunes-Ueno, the new head of SDOT’s Transit Division.

METRO FARE CHANGES TAKE EFFECT NEXT SUNDAY: On March 1st, some go up, some go down, as explained here.

7:11 AM: Quiet so far. Checking travel times from the city’s map:

35th Ave SW @ SW Snoqualmie St to …
SR-99 Off Ramp 4 min.
1st Ave Off Ramp 5 min.
4th Ave Off Ramp 6 min.
Stadiums via 1st Ave 10 min.
Stadiums via 4th Ave 10 min.
South Lake Union 15 min.
Ballard 22 min.
Crown Hill 28 min.
Green Lake via SR-99 22 min.
I-5 NB/SB 5 min.
Lower Queen Anne 17 min.
Shoreline via SR-99 28 min.

8:16 AM: Just got two texts about a bus-car collision at midspan of the eastbound bridge, reported to be blocking two lanes. One texter says two lanes are blocked including the bus lane; the other says the vehicles are “stopped on top of the bridge just east of the (crest).”

8:22 AM: You can see the bus and car in the top left camera. Only the bus lane is blocked now – the car is in front of the bus. It’s a #56, per a texter on board.

8:36 AM: Texter on board says driver told them the car hit the bus, and that after some pictures/paperwork, they’ll be able to move on. While the top-left camera will have the newest image, here’s a screengrab from a moment or two ago:

A supervisor is now out checking the bus’s exterior, our tipster reports.

8:45 AM: And now a #55 bus has arrived to take passengers from the stuck bus. Not room enough for all of them, says our tipster – “about a dozen” are back on board and now waiting for a #120.

8:57 AM: Bus lane is now clear – the bus, Metro supervisors’ vehicles, and the car that was involved have all just left.

West Seattle traffic alert: 4th/Roxbury crash

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Via scanner, the 3-vehicle crash this past hour at 4th and Roxbury hadn’t sounded too serious – minor injuries were mentioned – but a texter tells us the scene is blocking the downhill (eastbound) lanes, so avoid the area for a while.

West Seattle road-work alert: Admiral Way paving next week

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Thanks to Mike for the tip on this – SDOT hasn’t sent a communitywide notice on this yet, but he and neighbors just received flyers saying that “grind-and-pave” work is planned for two days next week on Admiral Way between 34th SW and Olga, 7 am-4 pm Tuesday and Wednesday (February 24th and 25th). Here’s a map.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday watch, plus weekend alert

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(WS high/low bridges and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning and happy foggy Friday! While we watch this morning’s traffic, a new alert for this weekend (and next):


First Avenue South alongside Safeco Field is getting some restorative work done on two upcoming weekends, weather permitting. Crews from the Seattle Department of Transportation are repairing the street following work on underground utilities.

The southbound, left hand lane at Atlantic Street will be closed from 7 a.m. on Saturday, Feb. 21 until Sunday, Feb. 22 at 5 p.m. The center turn lane on the south side of Atlantic will also be closed both days, but will be open at night. Police Officers will assist traffic. The following weekend, Feb. 28 and March 1, the paving crews plan to work at the same location and during the same hours.

And in case you missed it:

HIGHWAY 99 TUNNEL MACHINE’S BREAKTHROUGH: The machine made it through the repair-pit wall on Thursday – but this leg of its journey isn’t over yet. (ADDED 7:40 AM: View into the pit this morning:)


DELRIDGE/ANDOVER PROJECT’S NEW START DATE: As reported in our coverage of the Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting, the work at Delridge/Andover/23rd is now set to start March 2nd.

7:33 AM: If you’re traveling northbound 99 north of downtown, two lanes are blocked at Howe St., so it’s slow going.

West Seattle Bridge traffic-alert update: Eastbound lanes open again after gravel spill

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In case you’re about to head outbound – from the scanner, there’s word of a gravel spill on the eastbound bridge, possibly tracing all the way back to The Junction, and police are saying they’ll likely be closing the middle lane on the bridge near the 1st Avenue South exit. On the 1st/Spokane SDOT live-video camera (find it from the lower right of the travelers’ map), you can definitely see traffic stopped on the inside eastbound lanes and flashing lights starting right before the 99 overpass.

1:24 PM: After a brief full closure, all eastbound lanes are open again, per SDOT.

2:09 PM: Metro Routes 21 and 50 were routed off the 1st Avenue South offramp for a while, too, and have just returned to normal. Regarding the gravel, MistiLynn tells us via Twitter, “It was heavy gravel, more like plum-sized rocks …”

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday on the move; ferry switch

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(WS high/low bridges and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning! We start with transit and transportation news, while keeping an eye out for trouble spots.

FERRY SWITCH: Washington State Ferries says that starting today on the Fauntleroy-Vashon-Southworth run, “the 87-vehicle Evergreen State will replace the 124-vehicle Cathlamet for approximately two weeks while the Cathlamet moves to Seattle/Bremerton to replace another vessel undergoing emergent repairs. Passengers should note that the Evergreen State has been moved back into service to maintain the three-boat schedule on the route. The Evergreen State is an older, slower vessel and passengers are advised that the vessel may not be able to maintain the schedule during periods of heavy commuter traffic. During the weekday, the Evergreen State will remain in the #2 sailing position. The vessel will not have Wi-Fi, galley service or vending machines on board.”

TRANSPORTATION NEWS, IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: The tunnel machine is moving again! … Metro-funding followups, including RapidRide split

DELRIDGE/ORCHARD: The work that led to the flashing traffic signals earlier this week is indeed Seattle Public Utilities work related to the CSO project nearby, we confirmed.

7:01 AM: Crash reported at 17th and Roxbury.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Wednesday updates and alerts

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(WS high/low bridges and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning! Texter reported lower-bridge traffic stopped; SDOT says the bridge was open for marine traffic, and (update as of 6:54 am) now open to surface traffic.

WASHINGTON STATE FERRIES NOTE: The ferry Kitsap is out of service, which could increase Southworth-to-Fauntleroy traffic until the situation is remedied.

DELRIDGE/ANDOVER PROJECT BRIEFING TONIGHT: If you have questions about the project getting under way from Delridge/Andover northward – last previewed here two weeks ago – an SDOT briefing is on the agenda for tonight’s Delridge Neighborhoods District Council meeting, 7 pm at Youngstown Cultural Arts Center (4408 Delridge Way SW).

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Post-holiday Tuesday updates

February 17, 2015 at 6:16 am | In Transportation, West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | 5 Comments

(WS high/low bridges and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Good morning! Traffic might still be a bit lighter today because it’s the final day of a four-day weekend for Seattle Public Schools (though many independent schools are back in session). Otherwise, transit services are back to normal. Speaking of transit:

BUS BUCKS: At its afternoon meeting today, the City Council is scheduled to vote on the plan for what extra bus service will be bought with the transit funding approved by voters last year. It’s spelled out here, including local routes 21, 21X, 55, 56, 57, 60, 120, 125, C Line. Find out even more about it at the West Seattle Transportation Coalition‘s next meeting February 26th.

8:01 AM: Still nothing unusual reported on outbound routes. So here’s a check of travel times from 35th SW just before the bridge, via the SDOT map:

1st Ave Offramp 4 min.
4th Ave Offramp 5 min.
Ballard 29 min.
Crown Hill 34 min.
Greenlake via SR-99 27 min.
I-5 NB/SB 6 min.
Lower Queen Anne 24 min.
Shoreline via SR-99 36 min.
South Lake Union 20 min.
SR-99 Offramp 4 min.
Stadiums via 1st Ave 11 min.
Stadiums via 4th Ave 9 min.

8:07 AM: Transit note – We checked out a tip about police at the bus stop by Roxhill Park across from Westwood Village. All gone by the time we arrived (and we’re not far) except for one transit officer who would say only that it was a “minor” incident, “over fast.”

12:01 PM: Via Twitter:

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Pre-holiday weekend Friday; port-truck backups

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(WS high/low bridges and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Happy Friday! Lighter traffic around the region today, and that’s not surprising since we’re going into a holiday weekend (it’s a four-day weekend for Seattle Public Schools and those who follow its schedule). SDOT’s traffic-watchers report heavy truck traffic on northbound Marginal, north of the bridge, also not surprising since ships *are* being offloaded today but weren’t yesterday and won’t be for the next three days, as reported here.

TRANSPORTATION NEWS NOTES: One more reminder of Metro‘s three-times-a-year service change tomorrow … While it was announced in the north end, the city’s new Vision Zero street-safety plan has many changes in store for West Seattle, as mentioned in the report from our partners at The Seattle Times – we’ll be following up this morning.

7:55 AM: Michael reports via Twitter that “lower Spokane St. is a mess” too – “lots of truck traffic.” (See the lower-left camera in our quad split above.) Scanner-monitored discussion indicates that traffic officers are getting involved, if they weren’t already.

8:12 AM: SDOT reports a stall on northbound 99 just before King Street:

8:22 AM: SDOT now reports the WSDOT incident-response truck cleared the stalled pickup quickly. That gives us the chance to remind you …

PRESIDENTS DAY TRANSIT NOTES: On Monday, the West Seattle and Vashon Water Taxis will NOT be running. Metro will be on REGULAR weekday service (except for the routes affected in the “No UW” mode).

9:15 AM: Per scanner, police are directing traffic at E. Marginal/Spokane.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Thursday updates, alerts, previews

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(WS high/low bridges and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
The morning traffic/transit watch is on. And we have two notes:

REMINDER – METRO SERVICE CHANGE ON SATURDAY: It’s two phases this time – the actual “service change” for route tweaks on Saturday, the fare changes on March 1st. Details here, if you haven’t seen them yet.

EARLY WARNING – HIGHWAY 99 LANE CLOSURES NORTH OF DOWNTOWN: If you drive or ride on Highway 99 north of downtown, longterm lane closures (two to three months) in both directions will probably affect you. They won’t start before next month but WSDOT wants to make sure you hear about them now.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Wednesday updates/alerts

February 11, 2015 at 7:09 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | Comments Off

7:09 AM: So far, so good on the major roadways this morning.

7:38 AM: Travel-time check from the city map:

5th Ave SW @ SW Snoqualmie St to …
1st Ave offramp 8 min.
4th Ave offramp 10 min.
Ballard 32 min.
Crown Hill 37 min.
Green Lake via SR-99 32 min.
I-5 NB/SB 10 min.
Lower Queen Anne 27 min.
Shoreline via SR-99 40 min.
South Lake Union 25 min.
SR-99 Off Ramp 11 min.
Stadiums via 1st Ave 14 min.
Stadiums via 4th Ave 14 min.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Tuesday morning commute updates

February 10, 2015 at 6:54 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | 1 Comment

(WS high/low bridges and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
6:54 AM: Nothing unusual on West Seattle’s main/outbound routes so far this morning.

7:54 AM CHECK-IN: Slow but still incident-free. Spot check of travel times from the SDOT map (same system that feeds the overhead signs):

35th Ave SW @ SW Snoqualmie St to …
1st Ave Off Ramp 11 min.
4th Ave Off Ramp 12 min.
Ballard 40 min.
Crown Hill 47 min.
Green Lake via SR-99 37 min.
I-5 NB/SB 16 min.
Lower Queen Anne 33 min.
Shoreline via SR-99 44 min.
South Lake Union 29 min.
Stadiums via 1st Ave 20 min.
Stadiums via 4th Ave 17 min.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Updates/alerts for your Monday

February 9, 2015 at 6:30 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | 4 Comments

(WS high/low bridges and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
The week is off to a showery start. Some notes while we watch the roads:

METRO SERVICE CHANGE NEXT SATURDAY: Two West Seattle routes have non-WS changes taking effect when Metro’s next “service change” happens on Saturday (February 14th). Full details in the story we published over the weekend. (Clarification: While the “service change” announcement includes the new fares – 25-cent increase for most, plus launch of the new ORCA LIFT fare – they don’t take effect until March 1st.)

HIGHWAY 99 PROJECT UPDATE: WSDOT will brief the City Council again this morning on the Highway 99 project, during the council’s 9:30 am session. Here’s the WSDOT slide deck that’s linked from the agenda, with some general updates, but perhaps of more interest is another slide deck, this one from SDOT, with information on how the city is independently monitoring the settlement situation, and toplines on plans in place in case the Viaduct has to be shut down at any point.

9:10 AM: Some breakdown woes on 99 this morning, per commenters (thank you!). These don’t always turn up on the 911 log or traffic tweets, so – when you can report safely/legally – tips are always appreciated.

West Seattle traffic-alert update: Delridge offramp reopens after crash

February 7, 2015 at 8:53 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | Comments Off

8:53 PM: SDOT says the Delridge offramp from the westbound West Seattle Bridge is closed because of a crash. Reader tip (accompanying photos including the one added above) says it seems like a spinout. More as we get it.

10:18 PM: SDOT just tweeted that the ramp has reopened.

West Seattle traffic-alert update: Bridge offramp to SB I-5 open again, 5 hours after tanker crash

February 6, 2015 at 8:42 pm | In West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | 1 Comment

8:42 PM: A tanker truck is on its side on southbound I-5 just south of the West Seattle Bridge, so the offramp is closed. Updates as we get them.

9:29 PM: From the State Patrol:

If you want to check the eastbound-bridge-to-southbound-I-5 ramp status between our updates, use the city’s travelers-info map, and choose, on the lower right, live video/SODO/6th & Spokane.

12:49 AM: Still closed – no estimate for reopening, WSDOT says.

ADDED EARLY SATURDAY: Per WSDOT’s tweet, the ramp (and all I-5 lanes) reopened just before 1:30 am.

TRAFFIC/TRANSIT TODAY: Friday updates & alerts

February 6, 2015 at 6:53 am | In West Seattle news, West Seattle traffic alerts | Comments Off

(WS high/low bridges and Highway 99 views; more cams on the WSB Traffic page)
Another rainy commute. No specific incidents or alerts in or from West Seattle so far, though.

NORTH DELRIDGE PROJECT: On Thursday, we found out more from SDOT about the upcoming work at Delridge/Andover and northward, including the plan to start week after next.

8:22 AM: A little trouble on northbound 99 in the Battery Street Tunnel:

8:53 AM: The BSTunnel situation is reported to be cleared, but there’s a new problem on northbound 99 – a crash, with injuries, reported near the stadium zone. That’s all we’ve heard (via scanner) so far.

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